The Vanguard Has Arrived!


Bob McDonald (@bobmcdonald) and Jimmy Lemke (@PantherU) welcome Jack Talley (@jack_talley21), one of the co-founders of the Valhalla Vanguard Twitter account (@NKUValhalla). The discussion includes how the Vanguard was started and how it has grown to include a new podcast. This leads to a bigger talk about the benefits of students building the fan base on their own. And Bob and Jimmy announce the creation of the HoriZone Roundtable – @HoriZoneRT.


  1. Announcing the new HoriZone Roundtable Twitter account.
  2. Origins of Valhalla Vanguard and the new podcast.
  3. The state of building an organic student fanbase (and some of the interesting interactions).
  4. Gauging Northern Kentucky’s future.
  5. More expansion (or more to the point, on-expansion) talk

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