Prince Oduro has left Calihan Hall

Photo courtesy of Detroit Mercy Athletics

The Titans are 3-7. They have improved as the season has gone on, but they still are not at full strength and have now lost Forward Prince Oduro. Oduro played just 11 minuets versus IUPUI, and then only four against UIC. He was out for “personal reasons” against Kent State, and the link to his bio was gone from the Detroit Mercy website Monday afternoon. It is now confirmed that Oduro, the South Florida transfer, has left the Titans squad.

Oduro has played at four schools in the past five years. Starting his career at Siena before transferring to Mississippi State, then South Florida and finally Detroit Mercy. This is a clear pattern of leaving and for once in the Mike Davis era, I am not blaming Davis for running him out of town. Outside of playing time, there is not really any reason I can see for him leaving. He has a semester of eligibility left, that’s going to make it hard to transfer and play anywhere not to mention he has not had a ton of statistical relevance in over three years.

From what I understand multiple teams did not target him out of the transfer portal because there was some concern that he would not end up playing out his eligibility.

For the Titans, they are left without a true power big man. Noah Waterman is a wing despite his 6-11 frame. Can he score inside? Yes, but Waterman is a catch-and-shoot guy, and playing him inside is not where is most lethal. Madut Akec is a forward and does a lot of interior scoring but his length and athletic ability are what he leans on, he will most likely get in foul trouble if is forced to only guard the paint.

Buay Koka is an option, he’s a very lean 7-1. His best skill is shot-blocking and, in the year, he has been with the Titans he has not really played a ton. I think he will play more now, but if I am being honest, I have no clue how that is going to go. Mohamed Sylla has yet to play for the Titans.

Willy Isiani has been the replacement for Oduro so far and has done ok. While he is not going to be an all-conference player, but he understands the defense, he gives maximum effort and he’s good at drawing charges. He will need to continue to work hard on his rebounding. I think it’s safe to assume Isiani will be the primary inside forward playing on the low block with Koka spelling him. I would not shock me when we have everyone to see the titans play sets with no one staying inside and we will have a very long team.

I have been told that we will see Jordan Philips after the end of the semester. If I was a betting man, I would expect to see him when the YSU penguins come to town.

The Titans play Central Michigan Sunday. Jermaine Jackson, Jr. comes back to town as the Chips leading scorer he has come off the bench in all but two contests and is averaging 11.7 ppg. He however has not played since getting injured vs Xavier. Central is just 1-9 on the season, so this is another opportunity for Detroit Mercy to snag a win.

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