Titans fail to launch versus Rockets

Image courtesy of Detroit Mercy Athletics

Detroit Mercy lost their second contest of the season Saturday night in the Glass City against Toledo. Kevin McAdoo had a career-high 23 points and was 5-for-7 from behind the arch. He also fouled out with about five mins left in the contest. Antione Davis had 21 points with six rebounds and four assists. Madut Akec had 15 points with seven rebounds. All of his points came in the second half of the context, and it was a career high. Despite shooting 42% as a team and a solid second half, the Titans could not turn defensive stops into scores.

Just like in Wyoming, the Titans would get a stop and force a bad three, not turning the stops into points. UDM shot 10-28 from behind the arc. However, they got destroyed in the post. The Rockets had 42 points in the paint to Detroit’s 14. It seemed like Toledo would go inside, then when they were well-defended inside, they would kick the ball out to the wing or the corner, and the three-point shot was automatic. Each time the Titans had the Rockets on the ropes, and were in a spot to take the lead or tie, it seemed like they would run out of gas, and Toledo would go on a run.

Antoine Davis, despite his 21 points, was MIA in the first half and did not really come alive until the last 10 minutes of the second when the game was already too far gone. His shot selection in the first half was poor, and through two games, he has not looked like his dominant self. Detroit needs the “angry three-point shot in your face put the team on his back” Antoine Davis. That guy has yet to show up this season.

Akec has been a fun surprise through two games. I think he can be a real role player for the Titans. My only issue with him is he likes to force threes. He will not have his feet set and readjust when the best option is to make a pass and get the ball back. He’s shown he can shoot the three well, but the shot selection has to be better. He might not be a traditional big, but he will cause some problems for other teams come league play.

Prince Oduro and DJ Harvey have been underwhelming so far. Oduro looked better versus the Rockets with eight points and five boards. He did not shoot well though, going 3-for-8 from the floor. Harvey looks like a non-dunking version of Doug Anderson right now. He does the hard stuff, such as rebounds and playing defense, but is no help on the offensive end of the floor. Harvey was 1-for-6 and 0-for-4 from behind the arc. He finished the game with two points and nine rebounds. The rebounds are helpful, don’t get me wrong, but Detroit Mercy fans were expecting a three-level scorer that rebounds well, not just a defensive wing.

The Titans really missed Noah Waterman; there is no timetable for his return from his presumed second concussion this year. Buay Koka is still out, and there also is no timetable for his return. I know he has not done a lot as a Titan, but having a seven-footer to stand in the paint makes it hard to attack the rim with ease like Toledo did, even if he only plays 4-5 minutes a half.

I am not sure what vision Mike Davis has for Jordan Phillips, but I hope his eligibility is figured out soon. UDM needs another experienced weapon. Phillips is that experienced player.

I have no clue if, at full strength, the Titans beat the Rockets, but Detroit needs to get healthy and eligible quickly. With two power five teams ripe for an upset on the horizon and a long slate of winnable non-conference games after that. It would be a shame if the opportunity to get wins is wasted because the team is not healthy enough to compete.

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