A Conversation With Dennis Felton (Really!)


In this episode, Bob has a conversation with Cleveland State men’s basketball coach Dennis Felton (@CoachDFelton). They discuss a number of topics related to CSU, including the incoming recruiting class, as well as the nucleus of Kash Thomas, Tyree Appleby, Stefan Kenic and DePaul transfer Algevon Eichelberger. There is also a conversation about the surprising Viking run at Motor City Madness and how it will impact next season. Plus, no talk with Coach Felton can be complete without touching on George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.


  • Cleveland State’s incoming class.
  • The leadership role of Kash Thomas, Tyree Appleby and Stefan Kenic on this young CSU roster.
  • The planned summer trip to Europe.
  • Fan interest in Cleveland State post-Motor City Madness.
  • The origins of Coach Felton’s love of Parliament Funkadelic.

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