Fan Battle Royale, Part 2


For the first time on the HoriZone Roundtable, fans from each Horizon League school (expect IUPUI, though not for lack of trying) are on hand to discuss the state of the conference. Also, there’s a pretty good chance there will be a bit of trash-talking going on. And since Jimmy is out, it’s all up to Bob (@bobmcdonald) to hold court. How well that’s gone is anyone’s guess.

The fans participating include:

  1. Karic Jones, Detroit Mercy (@Karic_Jones)
  2. Brian Dickmann, Green Bay (@BrianDickmann)
  3. Chad Knodl, Milwaukee (@MKE_Agitator)
  4. Chris Hart, Northern Kentucky (@chrishart1992)
  5. Matt Dudek, Oakland (@GrizzTalkOU)
  6. Olyer Anderson, UIC (@Flamesmania)
  7. Ricky Redinger, Wright State (@R_Redinger4)

Topics, Part 2:

  1. What to make of IUPUI
  2. Expansion (or lack thereof), and its effects beyond basketball.
  3. Potential expansion targets (if any)
  4. Will the Horizon League be better next year?

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