The current state of Detroit Mercy (and its fans)


So, a lot has happened since I last published. I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday. Detroit Mercy dropped that stinker to Northeastern and lost to an Oakland team they should have beaten. But lousy shooting and a lack of effort in the first half plagued our “T,” as my old friend Reggie Hall would have said.

This past weekend, the Titans defeated a good Northern Kentucky team that was missing its breakout star, Dantez Walton, since the game versus UNC-Greensboro. As of now, I have heard nothing about a timetable for hisreturn.

The Titans played really will in that contest until it came time to finish, and they turned the ball over on FIVE straight possessions, and almost let that game slip away.

Sunday, UDM went toe to toe with an excellent Wright State team. I am a betting man, and I would put five on WSU winning a tournament game if they are a 12, 13, or 14 seed. They are a complete basketball team. They have the guys who can play strong defense and shoot the three and the big guys to bang inside.

Despite Loudon Love’s big night (23 points and 20 rebounds) against the Titans, he was 9-24, and there were stretches where Detroit Mercy’s smaller bigs kept him contained.

The last three minutes were when it all went to hell for the Titans. They turned the ball over, didn’t execute on the offensive end, and they had three timeouts and could not get the inbound pass in to try to win or send the game into overtime with plenty of time to do so.

Coach Mike Davis has changed in the post-game comments in the last few weeks. He’s fully aware these guys need to turn it around here in conference play. I honestly think they could rattle off six wins in a row coming up and be at the top of the league. However, historically since I’ve been with the program, we have struggled with the trip to Wisconsin and the CSU/YSU trip.

  • Justin Miller has looked a lot better, it’s too bad Detroit Mercy won’t get him another year. Also, congratulations to him, as he recently announced he’s girlfriend is expecting. He played well this past weekend, and I think he’s only going to get better.
  • Chris Brandon has really been showing his athleticism; he’s a possible all-conference player next year.
  • The Titans have missed Brad Calipari the last few games. Hopefully, he’s rested and back to his usual self this weekend.
  • Boe Nguidjol is injured, not sure the timetable for return, but he’s in a sling, and it looks like the kind you’re given after surgery.
  • Still no update for BJ Maxwell, but I am starting to think he might be out for the year.

No one outside the program has any clue what the scholarship distribution is.  With the two fall signings, UDM reportedly has two left; it would not shock me if Dwayne Rose, Jr. or Calipari were not scholarship players. Bigs and impact transfers are what the Titans need to go after.

Per Verbal Commits, Detroit Mercy is after Issac Chatman (And no, he’s no relation to the Chatmans who were with the Titans under Bacari Alexander).  He spent his first year as a Campbell, not a slouch mid-major, and started 30 games for a team that went to the NIT. He had a ton of high major offers out of high school early, so academics or just a lack of development going into his senior year of high school could have been an issue.

The junior college he is at right now, Northeast Mississippi Community College, is 10-0 and receiving votes in the NJCAA poll. Chatman is putting up 16.6 points and 7.8 rebounds per game, while only averaging about 29 minutes per game, putting his points per 40 minutes at an excellent 23.3. He also has 21 assists, 11 steals, and 10 blocks. Oh, and he’s a legit 6-6 shooting guard.

So, I tweeted after the WSU lost Sunday Davis should be fired. It was overly emotional, and I got some crap from it. I honestly think our window to go back to the dance is next year, but if Antoine Davis stays four years, then it’s a two-year window.

But that’s not my point here. The university is going in the best direction I’ve seen it going in along time since 2011-2013. If you can donate and support athletics, please do.

Our fan base is fractured; it’s been so, in my opinion, since Reggie died. The vocal UDM fans on social media need to stay vocal, and if you’re going to come to a game, bring some friends. The winter blast event before the UIC game sounds really cool, and the OU game will be on ESPNU, if I understand correctly. 

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