Tyler Sharpe: A Story Worth Telling


Doubted by those who didn’t even know him — those closest to him are not surprised at what he’s done.

Kyle Craven | Editor-in-Chief | Norse Report

How Will You Respond?

“What’s the best sports movie of all-time?”

This question is something that my friends used to throw back and forth all the time. You get a variety of answers to this question, ranging from Coach Carter to Remember the TitansFriday Night Lights to Field of DreamsThe Longest Yard to Any Given Sunday, Hoosiers to Moneyball, Miracle to The Natural. 

Me? That was always a very easy answer. I have always been a fan of an underdog. My answer was always threefold: 

Football – Friday Night Lights

Baseball – The Natural

Basketball – Hoosiers

Perhaps that’s just my personality. I have always found myself rooting for the underdog. Pretty much in any situation. I was a huge fan of Tim Tebow in the NFL. I grew up a big Dallas Mavs and Dirk Nowitzki fan. Hell, I made an emotional tribute video for Tony Romo when he retired. Tom Brady’s ESPN special (The Brady Six) tore me up. There is just something special about a person who has been kicked around and told they’ll never be good enough proving all of the doubters wrong. How can you not love that? I think it’s because the story is so relatable, you know? We’ve all been doubted in our lives. Many of us have probably even doubted ourselves. I know I do it almost daily. Imagine being told to your face that you’ll never be [this] or never be [that]. You face a choice.

How will you respond?

Will your mind tell you “They’re right?”

Or will your mind tell you “F*** them?”

Meet Tyler Sharpe, who chose the latter. 



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