In an announcement from his personal twitter account, Darius Quisenberry announced he will be testing the NBA waters.

Quisenberry is coming off his best season at Youngstown State and will be looking to see what the NBA draft process looks like.

It seems he believes that his best time to enlarge his personal brand and name is through this process. It’s worked for many guys before and why not use the rules the way they were intended? If you don’t go ahead, you don’t lose your eligibility since he didn’t get an agent.

In two full seasons as a Penguins, Quisenberry has been great. I’m not sure about NBA-level great but great nonetheless.


In two years, he started 64 of 65 games and played in all 65. In 29.4 minutes per game, he’s a career 41 percent shooter and hits 31 percent of his threes. He’s a near 80 percent free throw shooter while averaging 15.2 points per game. He also averaged 4.0 assists and 3.6 rebounds with 1.4 steals

Realistic Expectation

This seems premature but again, no one can blame him for wanting to see what it takes. I actually think this bodes well for YSU’s future. He most likely won’t leave yet and it also shows how hungry he is to be great. For the Penguins, that’s exactly what it needs to see from its point guard.

No doubt he has pro potential, but it seems too early. The Penguins’ best hope is that he sees what it takes and brings that higher level of intensity back to the Beeghly Center next year.

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