ATTN: Golden Grizzlies Basketball


Dear Oakland University Men’s Basketball,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and recovering well from two hard fought battles this past weekend. I am writing this in hopes that we can come to a compromise going forward.


It’s getting increasingly difficult to write about you all. This has been the case from the beginning of the year and you’re simply not cooperating. Week to week the tone of the article has to change so drastically. It’s exhausting.

The 0-7 start was rough, but not at all unexpected. Fine. But conference play has been a real trip. Some losses that shouldn’t have happened. Then some real gutty wins. It would be entertaining if fans weren’t so invested. And trying to write about it? Impossible! Just when the tide starts to turn, shots aren’t falling and it looks like a game may start to get away, you do what good teams do and turn things around. It leaves a writer just staring at a computer screen for hours, unsure where to even begin!

From the beginning, we were expecting to see new bigs playing with Daniel Oladapo to fill the space left by graduates. However, nobody expected the bulk of those minutes to go to Trey Townsend, a recruited wing now playing in the block alongside his freshman teammate Micah Parrish. We knew we may see a chiseled grown body at times down low to fill space. We did not anticipate that would be Phillips Joseph. Hell, he wasn’t even part of the rotation until a few weeks ago!!! Give me a chance here!!!

It’s not just the bigs either with an inconsistent rotation. Lampman has been hurt giving us more Kevin Kangu who is finally starting to hit some shots in game and not just practice as well as seeing more of Zion Young. Young is playing more near the basket which I never would have expected either. He’s gone from a perimeter oriented player to banging down in the paint the last few games, and getting some effective minutes in. All while Chris Conway and Yusuf Jihad struggle to find the floor. Those two need to develop their bodies per Greg Kampe, but he has also admitted he needs to get them on the floor more.

The Golden Grizzlies really have been Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. At 5-5 in the league, they’re right in the middle of the pack. That’s at least one thing that’s more or less gone as predicted. Now is your chance to do something you’re most consistent at. Beat Detroit Mercy. Again. This writer would greatly appreciate an easy week to gush over another two victories against a rival.

Warmest Regards,

Matt Dudek

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