#HLMBB Weekend Tip(sy)-off


The Horizon League’s ESPN games just got even more fun

Last week, our friends at Phear the Phoenix came up with a great way to lessen the blow of 10 months away from fellow fans with a Green Bay Phoenix-based drinking game. Hopefully the direct link and a very upfront acknowledgement that we’re stealing the idea will lessen the blow of us COMPLETELY stealing the idea for a Horizon League-wide version.

Starting tonight when the first place Cleveland State Vikings face off with the second place Wright State Raiders (or…third place by win percentage I guess? This season is weird) on ESPNU, we’ll host the first of a weekly drinking game aimed to bring fans closer together at a time when we can’t be together.

We’re still figuring out the best way to run this, but for the time being follow along on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out. Be sure to use the hashtag #HLMBBWTO…and let us know if we miss a drink!

Let’s get into it.

The Rules:

Take 1 drink every time the Raiders sub in a bench player for the first time.

  • In competitive games, Wright State has operated with a very short bench.

(Double) Bonus: Take 2 drinks if it’s WSU’s fourth bench player (or greater) to come into the game.

  • No, seriously. Wright State has operated with a VERY short bench. The Raiders haven’t even used a third bench player in three out of eight Horizon League games this year.

Take a one drink every time Cleveland State subs in a bench player for the first time (a small one if needed, we’re not trying to kill you)

  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Vikings have used at least five bench players in every Horizon League game this season, topping out at NINE bench players used during a 87-69 win over Youngstown State on December 26.

Take one drink every time Loudon Love misses a shot.

  • I swear the writer coming up with the rules has no skin in this game, but right now a Wright State blowout will be painful while a close game will be boring. Let’s have some fun!

Take one drink if Torrey Patton scores over 10 points.

  • Patton scored 15 total points in 3 non-league games, but has scored in double figures in each of Cleveland State’s eight Horizon League games.

Take one drink every time Loudon Love or Deante “Spider” Johnson gets a block.

  • WSU’s Love and CSU’s Johnson are tied for the league lead in blocks per game at 1.55.

Take one drink every time announcers Jordan Bernfield and David Padgett mention Wright State’s hairstyles.

  • Wright State’s Loudon Love, Grant Basile and Tim Finke have experimented with…”eccentric” hairstyles this season. From cornrows to man buns to 1970s tennis pro stylings to…just kind of looking like a pirate, the WSU frontcourt has tried it all.

Take one drink every time Bernfield and Padgett mention Meechie Terry.

  • Terry is a walk-on freshman who gained fame for a unique hairstyle of his own and his defense on LaMelo Ball, the eventual third overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets.

Take one drink every time Bernfield and Padgett mention Instagram

  • “Bald Head” Terry achieved Instagram stardom after his stellar defense on LaMelo, his jawing with LaVar Ball, and…if we’re being honest, a hairstyle Lebron has been fighting off for almost a decade. Terry has over 127,000 Instragram followers.


  • If you’re a Wright State fan, you’ll need to. If you’re a Cleveland State fan, you’ll want to. If you’re a fan of any other school, you’re way too confused about CSU’s massive Horizon League lead right now not to listen to me. SO LET’S GO!

Like I said in the introduction, a big part of this game is about trying to find a way to bring people together in a time when that’s difficult to do. We’re going to start this on Twitter, but if there’s enough demand for another platform we’re more than open to changing things up. Let us know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook if you’d like to use a different platform.

We’re also accepting ideas for rules for your favorite team (but please try not to kill our readers). Next Friday, the Vikings are back on national TV against Milwaukee on ESPN2. We’ll take rule suggestions for anybody in the league, but those two schools in particular would be great!

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